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Active Voice & Passive Voice


వేమన పద్యాలు (Audio)


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 ఇంష్ ఉచ్హారణ(English Pronunciation) ( This is very important blog on different accents )
3.My google site on Spoken English ( English basics ) 
16. passipe
        Spoken English DVDs & Mp4 videos are  available
I  prepared 18 hours Spoken English video lessons  and many e books.They are  in 10 DVD format and  available at nominal  price  for Rs 300/-  only.  ( It’s making cost only and not for profit sake.) 10 DVDs available place -
1)  Keerthi Digitals ,S R T  328,  Ashok Nagar, Beside Classic Ice creams, Near RTC X Roads, Hyderabad,A.P ,India contact – 9248635350
* 10 Dvds Rs 300/-
* 46 hours Mp4 video lessons for cell phones @ Rs 100/-

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Listen to these English audio sentences. ( Step – 1 & Step – 2)



 Very Important news …
There is an old ayurvedic physician in Hyderabad,A.P.He doesn’t ask any questions,He simply observes our pulse for 5 seconds and says us immediately about our diseases. He is such a great person like sage.

   If there is anyone suffering from any chronic disease can approach him at once for a solution . Contact -

Ayurveda kalamandiram,
# 3-4-375/376
Behind Basanth Function Hall,
Kachiguda ‘x’Road

 ( హైదరాబాదు నగరములోని కాచిగూడలొ ఒక ఆయుర్వేద వైద్యుడు వున్నారు.
మనము ఎమియును చెప్పకుండానే ఆయన మన కుడి చెయ్యినాడి 5 సెకండ్స్ చూచి వెంటనే మన రోగాలన్నీ చెప్తారు.
దానికి మందులు కూడా ఆయనే ఇస్తారు.ఫీజు దాదాపుగా 200 రూపాయలు .మందులకు కూడా 400 లొపే వుంటుంది.
కాబట్టి మీబంధువుల్లొ ఎవరైనా చాలా రొజులుగా ఎమైనా జబ్బులతో బాధపడుతుంటే దయచేసి ఈయన సహాయము తీసుకొగలరు.
వక్కసారి వెలితే మీకే ఆయన గొప్పటనమేమిటొ టెలుస్తుంది. వీరి పేరు  వివరములు
Ayurveda kalamandiram,
# 3-4-375/376
Behind Basanth Function Hall,
Kachiguda ‘x’Road

 Interview questions with Telugu meanings.
Active Verbs ( V1 only )
(Very important verbs that are in daily use ( V1 only ).
2) My second  English book on grammar
3) My third spoken English book
4) advanced Spoken English lessons , download and get printouts . It is enough for you.
5) A few English sentences
6) Grammar made easy



7) English grammar with Telugu explanation from basics



8) Interview questions

Please get printouts of these pages and learn daily as many pages as you can.
15) English Style writing
16) Penneru Telugu Magazine


 18) English – Telugu Dictionary -
19) Spoken English @ different stages 
20) Essential communication tips
21) Learning English online


29) Spoken English sentences with pictures   –   http://upakarieng.blogspot.in/



 Cinema &  Entertainment sites

  Listen to all 6 FM Radio Stations of Hyderabad online

                    Teluguone Radio – Australia    Teluguone Radio – UK (GMT)



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