Please note – If any link doesn’t work, open it in a new tab. O.K.“Andariki aanglam” book for govt primary and Hgh school students.


Basics Of Spoken English and spoken Hindi  

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Hi, my precised book on spoken English was published. It was for 8 th to 9th class students.please download and distribute this book in nearby your govt.t High schools.


kamala Madam’s Spoken English books for Government schools

              For Govt Primary school students

Dictionary ( For 1 – 5th class students Both in A.P & T.States )

 English Lessons ( Part-1 )
English Lessons ( Part – 2 )
English Lessons ( Part- 3 )
English Lessons ( Part – 4 )

                For Govt High school students

Read English  ( Part-1 )
Read English ( Part -2 )
1-30 Stories ( Volume-1 )
1-30stories ( Volume – 2 )
Conversation ( It’s for all students for a better communication.)
The below file in word document for more clarity…


Spoken English with Telugu explanation .72 mns.Mp3( My first audio lesson)



My Second Audio on spoken English


Spoken English Basics . Part – 1


Spoken English basics part – 2


Active Voice  and Passive voice ( Pdf )


kamala Madam audio on spoken English with Telugu meanings. Part-1


kamala Madam audio on spoken English with Telugu meanings. Part-2