please note – I placed all my spoken English books in my Telegram group named

” Spoken English books “. You can download from there.


you can be perfect in American accent within 40 days if you do practice the below 4 steps.

step -1. watch 14 video lessons daily.

step-2.listen to this audio while looking into paragraph.like this listen to 40 audios.


Step -3. copy any English text just one paragraph and paste it in that box and select at first Indian voice next u.k and u.s finally. Then you will be able to hear these 3 countries accents.


Step – 4. Please go to the last line in this page and dowload ” Talk it without virus” to your desktop or laptop. unzip that file and press on “talk it ” .after that press on run .Then there will open a box. practise there accordingly.


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My youtube channel ” upakari kutumbarao ” (copy and paste it in youtube search )


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