“Andariki aanglam” book for govt primary and High school students.


 – The best e book for spoken English –

Direct & Indirect speech

Mobile dictionary & e – book reader in NOKIA –

English —–

Practical literacy skills.

advanced Spoken English lessons , download and get printouts . It is enough for you.
A few English sentences
Grammar made easy

English grammar with Telugu explanation from basics

Interview questions

Please get printouts of these pages and learn daily as many pages as you can.
English Style writing
Penneru Telugu Magazine
Spoken English @ different stages 
Essential communication tips
Learning English online

Basics Of  spoken Hindi                                 ——————————————————


Anyone can join my Telegram channel with this direct link.

( My Telegram channel is called “English For All”. It consists of  Textual ,Audio and Video lessons on spoken English from basics to competitive exam levels.It is totally free with unlimited audience.

                ——- My other blogs ——

Spoken English Basics

Spoken English accents

General Knowledge

personality Development –

Hi, my precised book on spoken English was published. It was for 8 th to 9th class students.please download and distribute this book in nearby your govt.t High schools.

kamala Madam’s Spoken English books for Government schools

              For Govt Primary school students

Dictionary ( For 1 – 5th class students Both in A.P & T.States )

 English Lessons ( Part-1 )
English Lessons ( Part – 2 )
English Lessons ( Part- 3 )
English Lessons ( Part – 4 )

                For Govt High school students

Read English  ( Part-1 )
Read English ( Part -2 )
1-30 Stories ( Volume-1 )
1-30stories ( Volume – 2 )
Conversation ( It’s for all students for a better communication.)
The below file in word document for more clarity…

Spoken English with Telugu explanation .72 mns.Mp3( My first audio lesson)


My Second Audio on spoken English

Spoken English Basics . Part – 1

Spoken English basics part – 2

Active Voice  and Passive voice ( Pdf )

kamala Madam audio on spoken English with Telugu meanings. Part-1

kamala Madam audio on spoken English with Telugu meanings. Part-2

Active Verbs…

Active Voice & Passive Voice Tables with Telugu meanings…

Active Voice & Passive voice with Telugu meanings and Tense names…

Spoken English stages…

Bulli baala siksha…

Spoken English in 24 hours…

Style writing  – (lessons in clarity and Grace )…

My fourth book on spoken English (318 pages)

My fourth book (Original book  600 pages )

Essential communication…

Grammar made easy…

Holy Faith English Grammar…

English Grammar from basics…

English Grammar through stories…

Shankara Narayana IMP grammar points…

English Through Pictures…

English to Telugu rare Dictionary…

English – Telugu Dictionary…

My first book on spoken English…

My second book on spoken English…

Tables and 800 sentences…

Hav,has & had…

Value Empowerment contest…

Interview questions…

Spoken Hindi…

Guinness World Records – 2017…

If you want to see the world without spectacles…

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