Spoken English practice 


Please read daily and loudly these 240 sentences

using a separate verb upto 15 days.As well as
 read 45  pages in mind daily upto 15 days. (please  get these 45 pages print outs from the  attachments section of
                           V1                           V2                 V3
Day – 1 verb -walk       –         walked    –      walked
Day – 2 verb -run         –         ran        –        run

Day – 3 verb -read       –         read       –       read
Day – 4 verb -write       –        wrote     –     written
Day – 5 verb -eat         –          ate        –        eaten
Day – 6 verb -drink       –        drank     –     drunk
Day – 7 verb -go          –          went      –       gone
Day – 8 verb -come      –         came     –      come
Day – 9 verb -sit          –            sat         –       sat
Day – 10 verb -stand    –         stood     –     stood
Day – 11 verb -see       –           saw       –        seen
Day – 12 verb -speak   –          spoke     –     spoken
Day – 13 verb -sleep    –          slept       –     slept
Day – 14 verb -invite     –        invited     –   invited
Day – 15 verb -send     –          sent       –       sent

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  1. nagaraju says:

    thank you sir, thank you for your suggestions iam really happy now. i have a doubt how to write paragraphs in english plz help me sir.

    • nagaraju says:

      Now i’m able to talk in English thank you very much sir. You are my guru in English. god bless you sir. how to improve my slang.

  2. Narasimha says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much for your Valuable Topics and Lessons,
    These are useful for Telugu medium Students like me…
    i hope you are posting lessons more and more in future.

    Thanks and regards

  3. Hari says:

    really this is useful for all type of persons like students or employyes.
    i appreciate u sir.
    And thanks for giving a golden opertunity by learning

  4. ramesh.nagella says:

    It is very useful to all guys…
    A good thought……..
    Thank u sir,
    For gvng oppurtunity 4 all Guys…

  5. SRINIVAS says:





      hello sir
      good afternoon
      this very useful for Telugu medium students,

  6. P.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Greetings fro the day sir!!!! Today only i came to know about you & your website through Eenadu news paper, thanks for eenadu guys, they have covered very good information, i should appreciate you sir for your efforts you are showing,you are really great sir, we hope this will work out for so many people who are interested to learn English, thamk you very much sir.

  7. anasuya says:

    this is a very good website, Now i am trying to learn english more and more with this site. “In this world always take the position of the giver.

  8. B Sunil Kumar says:

    I am a Marketing person.Per day i meet some corporate people to explain my product.This is very great sir,It is very useful for my career.

  9. Chintala Srinivas says:

    Very Good Sir, It is use full for every Student and peoples good ida Sir Thanks to Ch. Srinivas Kamareddy.

  10. venkatesh says:

    Really its very good process for who learn spoken English easily
    i searched so many site finally am satisfied ur
    iam really say to thanks sir,,,,,,

  11. Bala Gangadher Tilak says:

    Sir the way ur teaching is fabulous it is very helpful for the beginners but if you don’t mind i have a suggestion for you please keep some practice test (multiple options) for the above content it will really helpful to the people and they can easily understand.
    Once again hats off to your effort ya i know it is not a easy task

  12. Sir Naku English radu sir…any company interview velithe english lo adugutunaru..telisindi chebithe,sorry inka cheppali antunaru ..ela nerchukovali english..plz

  13. Jeelani Basha says:

    Sir, It is a great job done by you. You are giving excellent service to the candidates who are studying and going to face the interviews in various companies. Especially our AP students are facing very much difficulty in interviews. It is very useful website for all. We are all thankful to You.

  14. Cyril says:

    Dear Sir

    Lessons are Very useful. Can you kindly translate & send us instructions in ” Telugu” to English? Then, we can practice with our children at home. Otherwise, we have to assume instructions based on the lesson material attached. It might be successful. Triple Gem Bless You.

    C. Raja

  15. Sreenivasulu Y says:

    Hi Sir, i’m learning lot from ur books and websites…this is very useful for Telugu medium peoples..and very useful for our best carrier..Thanks lot sir…

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