31 thoughts on “Spoken English

  1. Bhavani says:

    Really It’s a great site to learn English.Thank you very much sir.It’s very useful to us.You done a great job.

  2. dprasad says:

    you r helping so many people who r not able to understand english,the material u r provided is very nice…………………….

  3. p.suryanarayana says:

    respected sir, you have done a great job.It is very encouraging to students who are really looking for learn fluent english.God blesh you sir.

  4. Yamana Raghava Reddy says:

    Thank you sir your 10 DVD s are very use full .thank you for great collection.

    If u have any rajiv dixit Telugu translation .audios are books available please call me.

  5. Nagaprasaf.nalgonda says:

    Sir,You are doing very hard work for better society in English learning for all telugu people.Sir i prey God prosperous healthy life for you.be lon live.

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