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Parts of speech

Noun: Noun is a name of a person, place, animal and things. (Noun Kise jaga, insaan aur cheezein ko ishara kartha hai)

  1. Ex:  Rahul is a name of a Person.
  2. Hyd is a name of a place.
  3. Tiger is a name of a Animal.
  4. Table is a name of a Thing.

Kind of Noun:

1) Common noun, 2)Proper noun, 3)Abstract noun, 4)Collective noun.

 Common Noun: Common Noun is a name of a common person. (Common noun aise noun jo aam ho)

Ex: Boy, girl, man, woman, oldman, oldwoman,etc.

Proper Noun: Proper noun is a proper name of a person, place, and thing. (Proper noun wo hai jo qaas hai)

Ex: India, Tiger, Table, Hyd.

Abstract Noun: Abstract noun is a noun which cannto be seen or touch but we can fill it.(Aise cheezein jisko hum na dekh sak’te hai na chh’oo sak’te hain, sirf mehsoos karsakte hai.)

Ex: Air, Knowledge, Honesty, Joy.

Collective Noun: Collection of noun. (Collective noun jo jama ke taraf ishara kartha hai)

Ex: Army- Collection of soldiers

Libray- Collection of books.



Pronouns is use instead of noun. (Prounoun ka istemaal noun ki jaga per hotha hai.)

Ex:I, we, you, they, he, she, it

Ex: He takes tea





words which are used to modify nons or pronouns are usually refered to as adjective(Adjective noun ki quality batha tha hai.)

Ex: He is a good boy (good is a adjective)

Ravi is a clever man (clever is a adjective)


Joining of sentences is called conjunction (Ek sentence ko dusre sentence se joodne ko conjunction kehte hai)

Ex: I know english and urdu

He is still bachelor


An interjection is a word used to express some sudden emotion of the mind (Sudden aur chawkani wale alfaaz ke saath istemaal ho’ta hai)

Ex: Alas!, Wahoo!, Ho!, Oops!.


Preposition occupies a place before a noun or preposition comes before a noun. Without preposition s sentence is incomplete.

Ex: About, above, below, under, on, at, towards, beside, plus, per, during, between, among, of, in, from, since, for, etc.

  1. I know about Rahul.
  2. He above to come.
  3. He is below 2 year.
  4. The cat is under the table.
  5. The cap is on the table.

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